Drapery can be used creatively to dress your venue according to your own tastes and style.  You may want to hide part of your venue or just give it a softer feel.  We have a range of drapery options that we will use to create the perfect setting for your event. Please see below our most popular options.

Fairy Light Backdrop
A stunning option to frame a head table or ceremony area.  Our fairy light backdrop can be up to 5m wide and 5m high so the effect is very dramatic and pretty.  This is also sometimes used behind the band or DJ.

fairy light backdrop

White Gathered Drapery
This is a popular option for creating an elegant effect in your venue. We often combine this drapery option with uplighters to give a warm glow to the room.  Alternatively battens are used to create a rich saturated colour which reflects nicely off the white drapery.

white gathered drapes

Sash Drapery
A stylish option is for us to use tall sash drapes over the top of plain black or white drapery.  These can be in any colour but we recommend using white with your choice of coloured upligher at the base top make the drapes glow.

sash drapery

Starcloth Drapery
Hundreds of tiny lights shine through the black fabric of this drapery creating a twinkling star light effect similar to the night’s sky – hence the name.  Starcloth is popularly used as a backdrop to the entertainment but, more dramatically, can be used around the whole room.

starcloth drapery

Ceiling Drapery
In high ceilinged venues and venues with hanging points we can create a range of stunning ceiling drapery effects.  Ceiling drapery can be used to make a venue feel more intimate and romantic.  We often combine our ceiling drapery with our fairy light canopy which gives a spectacular effect.

ceiling drapery

Black Drapes
The simplest and most economical way to dress a room is by using blackout drapery.  These thick drapes create the illusion of more space and are great for sound deadening as well as creating a blank canvass to work from.

blackout drapery

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