Mood Lighting

Lighting is one of the elements that will subliminally influence the atmosphere of your event. Having lighting that is too harsh or bright will make it difficult for your guests to relax whilst making it too dark will discourage interaction.

Lighting to Suit the Mood
The ideal mood lighting will change throughout the event to suit the atmosphere you want to create at any given time. For instance during dining the best mood lighting would be a warm white light that creates a glow around the table. A little coloured lighting around the room will work nicely in combination with this. However for a cocktail party or after dinner you may prefer to be a bit more daring with exclusively coloured lighting and a few warm whites picking out features.

lighting to suit the mood

A simple yet sophisticated effect, uplighters can be used to line the walls of your venue. You can accentuate beautiful architecture or spice up bland walls and drapes with a splash of colour and vibrancy. Uplighters come in warm white as standard but we can use coloured filters to give you a more dramatic effect. We often use LED battens with uplighters to create coloured effects as these are more versatile.


Table Pinspot Lighting
Pinspot lighting is probably the most effective way of illuminating a dining area.  The soft beams of light illuminate the table centres, resulting in an ambient warm pool of light for dining.  This effect is particularly recommended to highlight centrepieces as pinspots pick out the detail from above.

table pinspot lighting

LED Batten Lighting
LED battens give out a richly saturated coloured light and are often used to create glowing mood lighting around the room. The colour can be perfectly matched or even set to colour change. Alternating LED battens and uplighters gives you great versatility as by fading one or both up at different points in the evening will keep the mood lighting dynamic.

LED Batten Lighting

Fairy Light Canopy
A stunning centrepiece to any ceiling is our fairy light canopy with its long stretches of warm white fairy lights to create a magical feel. We can either run the lights from a central point out to the walls or we can run them in parallel to create a wave effect in the ceiling. The reinforced strands mean that the spans of lights can stretch up to 20m without risk of snapping.

fairy light canopy




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