Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting helps ensure that you get the most from your surroundings as night falls. Whether you are planning for your event to be set outdoors or just want a little lighting to create a lasting impression as guests leave we will help you find something to suit your requirements.

Building Lighting
We have a whole page dedicated to building lighting just click here.

building lighting
Garden Lighting
Using lighting creatively to light up trees and bushes can make a huge difference to your guests' enjoyment of their surrounding as the light fades. We use a combination of coloured floods, fairy lights, pea lights and festoons to paint the garden with light.

garden lighting

Path and Driveway Lighting
Sometimes outdoor lighting is purely functional but that is no excuse to make it ugly! We use spike lights in the ground, oil burners, strings of festoons and coloured floods to safely guide your guests from one area to another.

path and driveway lighting

Paper Lanterns
The use of paper lanterns above the heads of guests at an outdoor event is very atmospheric and pretty but it needs a professional and creative team to install them properly as it can be quite fiddly to get them looking just right. This is a perfect garden party effect.

paper lanterns

Gobo Projections
Images such as linked initials or short messages such as "Congratulations" can be projected across the room or onto the outside of a building to create a fantastic finishing touch. For more info click here.

gobo projections

Why not check out our gallery to see if we can inspire you?

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