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Monday, 22 December 2008

Our Success Stories

Richard and Lucinda's Wedding


Richard and Lucinda wanted to make their winter-wonderland themed wedding look unique and sophisticated.

Their wedding was to be held in an ivory-lined marquee with minimal existing lighting. A white guaze screen seaprated the drinks reception from the main marquee. This white material was effective in separating the two areas, but is also excellent for projection. This allowed customised gobos to be projected onto the surface, giving the very cool cracked-ice feel pictured.

As guests arrived into this area, it was important that they were wowed by the theme upon entry. For this some silk flames were installed by the door with some soft blue lamps used in place of the traditional reds. A low level fog machine was used for floor effects, while a powerful snow machine in the roof of the marquee gave the whole area the appearance of the entrance to Narnia.

The main marquee was washed in a powerful blue light. A single colour of light becomes fatiguing and the eye adjusts to it, like a pair of tinted sunglasses, so an opposing magenta was also used as a colour balance with the blue.

The venue looked stunning and many positive comments were received about the originality of the look.

"You filled me with great confidence in your approach to our wedding, and I'm truly glad that we managed to find you to help make the day, one to remember!" - Lucinda


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