Centre Pieces

Shreyas Decor provides a range of contemporary centre pieces for events.  Most of our centre pieces are designed especially for each individual client but there are a few that are so beautiful that we are asked for them again and again!  As with all centre pieces we encourage clients to have table pinspot lighting to make them glow and to create a warm pool of light perfect for dining on each table.
 The below are samples of our best selling centrepieces:

Ostrich Feather Centrepieces
Up to forty huge ostrich feathers make up our gorgeous Ostrich Feather Centre Pieces.  They come in tall 80cm lily vases which we fill with hundreds of tiny gel beads.  The beads catch the light and glisten to make the vase look stunning.  The vase itself comes on a round mirrored base to reflect the beautiful plume of feathers above.  

ostrich feather centrepieces

There is nothing as timeless and classic as a tall silver candelabra in the cente of each table. Real candles give out a beautifully flattering light. We also have some tall floor standing candelabra which are perfect for flanking entranceways and top tables.

candelabra for weddings

Goldfish Bowl Centre Pieces
Goldfish bowls on circular mirrored bases are great as a low level effect. The bowls are either filled with water and floating candles or with a single stem and greenery.

goldfish bowl centrepieces

Peacock Feather Centre Pieces
We combine curly branches with the vibranct coloured peacock feathers and some teal foliage for a super tall and dramatic centre piece. These go in tall 80cm lilly vases which bring the overall displays up to a dramatic 1.5m. The base of the vases is filled with more peacock sword feathers to complete the effect. These are then placed on round mirrors to reflect the gorgeous colours in the displays above.

peacock feather centrepieces

Why not check out our gallery to see if we can inspire you?


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