Sometimes a theme can give an event direction in terms of the decor and ambience you want to create. Theming should never be tacky pop ups or banners but should be more subliminal and interactive.

We are often asked to help with the theming of events. Requests range from a complete theme integration to subtle touches reminiscent of vague themes. Sometimes it can be easy to get so engrossed in a particular theme that the overall quality of the event suffers. Remember, it is sometimes Ok to go "off theme" on certain areas to create the best overall effect.

Over the years we have catered for many weird and wonderful themes such as Narnia, Atlantis, James Bond, Alice in Wonderland Goes to Vegas and even Stellar Eraticus (that's a Space theme to you and I)!

We are always excited to be presented with new challenges. The below is a demonstration of some of the more popular themes:

Indian Summer
This is particularly fun when creating an indian chillout area. At this event we used low level seating, hundreds of throw cushions, patterned rugs and thackat tables sprinkled with petals. We burnt incence which mingled with the scent of crushed curry leaves to halp set the scene. Rich orange and pink lighting mixed with palm tree leaf projections to create a tropical sunset feel in each of the tented areas we made out out of soft white voile.

indian summer

James Bond
The key to this theme is slick and stylish glamour. This is one of the themes where props are so tempting but one must be so careful to keep any props both relevant and tasteful. This theme is great for Bond projections where 007 pans around the room and Bond Girl projections spin slowly on the dancefloor. For that tuxedo look black and white sash drapes are a must. Great interactive features include Bond cars lit up outside and casino tables lit up within. An ice sculpture of the 007 gun is great when it doubles as a vodka luge. This is a timeless theme. For more on this theme click here!

james bond

Glamour and elegance are a must with a 1930's theme. White drapes around the room with Ostrich Feather Centre Pieces look fantastic. Other fun touches are to have large projection screens playing old black and white silent movies and a copule of areas of the room sectioned off into "Speakeasies" for a private cocktail. We suggest white voile drapes for this so that the rest of the room is still visible from within them. For more on this theme click here!


A great winter theme, there is so much that can be done with this theme. Fake snow, icey lighting, real fir trees dusted with snow and tall candelabra all look fantastic. We can completely carpet the event in white for a brillint finish. White chair covers, white tables, white drapery and a white stage alongside glittering touches such as our fairy light canopy or trees with fairy lights look amazing.


Why not check out our gallery to see if we can inspire you?


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